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Greipel won the 4th stage of Tour Down Under, Peter Velits in 27th place

TANUNDA – German André Greipel confirmed the sprinter’s dominance in the Tour Down Under and in the 4th stage he has already achieved his thirteenth career triumph at this opening WorldTour event in the year. Conclusion at Tanunde marked a

Kliman já está com a equipe: quando ele é drenado, ele precisa ser usado

BRATISLAVA – O jogador de tênis eslovaco Martin Klijan, a caminho do desafiante da ATP no Genoa italiano, ganhou o título e a cura associada à cicatrização de seus pés foi a primeira vez que treinou no jogo desta semana

Kuzmin fired the gun for a medal, Sprint won Pidrušná, Gerekova 11.

NEW MĚSTO NA MORAVE – The winner of the 7.5 km race at the World Championship in the Czech New Town in Moravia was surprisingly Ukraine’s Olena Pidrušná at 21:02. Norwegian sovereign Tora Berger came second, one wrong shot, and

Žilina with another goal hurricane, Slovan shielded forces, Trnava pegged with points

BRATISLAVA – The soccer players of Bratislava ŠK Slovan lost to Spartatak Myjava on the Sunday match of the 2nd round of the Fortuna leagues 2016/2016 with Spartak Myjava 0: 1. “Belasy” did not come out for the quarterly meeting

Kozák: This team has not reached its peak yet

“In particular, the first half was sensational, we played the football I wanted to produce this team. Under the impression of the lead, we made some mistakes after the change of sides and the opponent lowered. It’s a nice team

Voyager is pleased, enthusiastic and defensive

MUNICH. The Slovak hockey coach Vladimir Vujtek was satisfied with his entry into the German Cup. He was most pleased with the performance of the newcomers, and also the fact that he was not worried about the weaker defensive, which

Playing and living in Nitra is a privilege, Michal Novák says the defense

NITRA. Martin’s hockey players wanted to prove more. The only victory over Nitra is only a very weak retreat after dropping out of the quarter-final play-off. The leaders did not come from Turks. Players knew what they needed to be

Hamsik is a world class, Naples is a sensational player. Here are the reasons

BRATISLAVA. Fourteen years ago, Parma paid Inter Milan for Vratislav Greška about 21.5 million euros. No Slovak athlete was ever more betting offer than ever. He did not miss a lot and last summer he could become a new record

SME Forecast: A newcomer will also receive a nomination in Kozak’s nomination

BRATISLAVA. They are currently twenty-two. Twenty-three of them will have a great dream. The remaining four will listen thanks for trying, but the championship not running things. The coach Slovak football team Ján Kozák admitted that the squad for the

Richards and Tatar will understand, Captain Zetterberg believes

DETROIT. The arrival of a new coach Jeff Blashill, who replaced Mika Babcock’s club icon, would not necessarily mean retreating from Detroit’s hockey position in the National Hockey League. Red Wings captain Henrik Zetterberg told reporters in Expressen that a