Common choice of V4 countries. Should he have the chance to win the football EURO?

BRATISLAVA. Compared to the past, the desire of small nations or ethnic groups for independence is becoming more and more frequent. And not only in Europe but practically all over the world.

So, for the last decades, there have been several strong selection choices. Above all, the Soviet Union was part of the landscapes that set the tone alongside both the geopolitical and the world of sport.

Well, that’s not the case of the USSR, of course. More born soccer fans will certainly mention the ever-dangerous Yugoslavia representation. Finally, the representation of Czechoslovakia suffered the same fate.

And although the lands of the Vysehrad squares (i.e.Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary) have never competed under the flag of the top sporting event, it would undoubtedly be interesting to watch the best footballers in the imaginative national team.

After all, all of the above-mentioned nations can be amazed by the rich football history, which has some very successful successes.

Whether it is the triumph of Czechoslovakia in the Belahrad final of the ME 1976, the silver Hungarians from the 1954 World Championship, or three times the Olympic Gold (1952, 1964, 1968).

A valuable metal is also a Polish soccer player from the Olympics, although only silver reflection (1976 and 1992).

Already an independent Czech representation won a sensational silver at the ME 1996 in England, when she beat the Germans with an extension goal.

And continue with the calculation of the football laurels we could go further.Polish representation is waiting for the return of the famous times

What, however, today’s generation of representatives?Would this selection with names like Lewandowski, Bohemia or Hamishk be stronger than Masopusta, Alberta or Adamca in their most famous years?

And would the V4 team be able to win the next EURO in France?

We have selected today’s most expensive players in their positions within the transfer market, not surprisingly playing in Poland.

Of course, these are the top-rated representatives, but that does not mean automatically that a fan would not be able to imagine another alternative in their place.

Our northern neighbors have half a dozen representatives in the imaginary base.

Next is Slovakia with triumph Hamšík, Škrtel, Hubočan.

The Czech representation has recently retreated from its dominant position, which is documented by the fact that we will find only one footballer – goalkeeper Petr Čech.

Hungarian football has been bad for a long time, so we can find only one footballer from this country in the entire selection (including substitutes).

Named the Bursaspor of Bursaspor, Turkey’s Balázs Dzsudzsak, who is also the captain of the Hungarian representation.

Behind the player’s name, the post, nationality and age, as well as the transfer value in euros and the current club.Basic set:

Value: 12 mil.

Club: Arsenal London

Value: 9 mil.

Club: Borussia Dortmund


Club: Liverpool FC

Value: 11 mil.

Club: FC Turin

Value: 6.5 mil.

Club: Dynamo Moscow

Value: 20 mil.

Club: FC Sevilla

Value: 11 mil.

Club: Bursaspor

Value: 10 mil.

Club: Borussia Dortmund

Value: 32 mil.

Club: SSC Naples

Value: 50 mil.

Club: Bayern München

Value: 6.5 miles

Club: AS Rome

Value: 4 mil.

Club: FC Basel

Value: 4.5 mil.

Club: TSG Hoffenheim

Value: 6 mil.

Club: FC Genoa

Value: 5.5 mil.

Club: Hertha Berlin

Value: 5.5 mil.

Club: Bursaspor

Value: 5.5 mil.

Club: FC Watford