FIFA is investigating Ďurica for his comments after losing to England

BRATISLAVA. Slovak representative Ján Ďurica faces an investigation by the International Football Federation (FIFA). The reason is the testimony of an experienced 34-year-old hitchhike after the loss of English representation with England in qualifying for the 2018 world championship. Read also: Ďurica complained to the referee: Why should Slovakia travel when England is here?

The Slovaks slipped the Englishman tightly 0: 1 with Adam Lallan in the fifth minute of the second half since the 57th.Min played the home for almost 40 minutes without eliminating captain Martin Škrtel.

Frustrated Ďurica gave the emotions after the game and criticized not only the football size of England but also the address of 43-year-old referee Milorada Mažiča.Všetci Will prefer to be stronger, said Ďuricavideo //

“I think the referee was waiting for Škrtel to make a foul. There is only one direct place for the world championship , So why should Slovakia go there when England is there? Of course, everyone will always prefer a stronger team.The referee knew exactly how to do it, “Ďurica responded two weeks ago.

The English media in the tabloid subtitles say that Ján Ďurica has accused the referee of influencing the match.FIFA requested confirmation of Ďuric’s words

The British Daily Mail in the article informs that FIFA has already begun an investigation into the statements of Ján Ďuric, and has also contacted the Slovak Football Federation (SFZ) to request clarification of the situation in the case of player’s statements.

The Daily Mail also published a quote from a FIFA spokesman who reportedly said on Friday: “I can confirm that a preliminary investigation has been started on the matter.”

However, the Slovak Football Association did not register in connection with Jún Ďuric Interest in the FIFA requirement. “In this matter, the International Football Federation has not contacted us yesterday or today. There was no request from FIFA representatives to our union, “said Juraj Čurný, Communications Manager and PR of the Slovak Football Association, on Monday afternoon for the SITA agency.

The Slovak footballers are expecting a second appearance in the MS 2018 qualification in less than three weeks – Saturday 8.October 8, 20.45 will take place in Ljubljana against Slovenia.

The non-participation of 84-times player and Turkish player Trabzonspor Ján Ďurica would be a major weakening also because the coach of the Slovak team Ján Kozák almost can not count Nor with the trainer Martin Skrtel and “fresh” nor with the defensive universality of Norbert Gyömbérom, who broke his calf on Saturday.