Kreuziger has published his bio-passports and other secret documents

Interested parties will find on this site not only the findings of the Czech Olympic Committee commission, medical reports or expert opinions of experts who reject Kreuziger’s guilt but also letters from the counterparty. Those that the International Cycling Union UCI addressed to the Czech Cyclist Association or directly to the cyclist with the name “confidential”.

At the same time, Kreuziger first publishes his own passports sent to him by the UCI. It can be seen that hemoglobin or reticulocyte levels have never reached more than 77 percent of the permitted limit.

On a total of 68 pages, it also offers a documentation archive of its anti-doping tests, as evidenced bet365 fogadási bónuszok by the UCI Commissioners. This report starts on 27.November 2007, three and a half years before the first controversy in the spring of 2011, when UCI values ​​were attacked in its biological passport.

Allowing the public to have a broad view of the background of their own case is unique and unique in the sport world. / P>

The cyclist of the Tinkoff-Saxo at the same time sent an open letter through the mail, inviting not only his fans, but also the media, other prominent athletes or officials.

Positive doping finding.Yet for one and a half I live in uncertainty about whether I can continue to dedicate my life passion and do my job, “he writes in a letter. “As of June 2013, the International Cycling Union is investigating bet365 internetes fogadóirodák my alleged violation of anti-doping rules, based on alleged abnormalities in my bio-passport. Nevertheless, I have never exceeded the so-called limit values ​​nor did they approach them. “

Here you can look at the values ​​listed in Kreuziger’s Biological Passport. Upper and lower curves show limit values, among them the results of the Czech cyclist.The first graph captures hemoglobin, the second reticulocyte.

In September, Kreuziger was freed by the Czech Olympic Committee’s arbitration panel for all charges, but the International Cycling Union UCI and World Anti-Doping Agency WADA appealed to the Lausanne Sports Court. They require a 2- to 4-year penalty, a fine, and the deletion of the results. Cyclist and his lawyer, Jan Šťovíček, strive to confirm the WWW verdict.

“I condemn doping and scams in sport,” writes Kreuziger in a letter. “I consider the biological passport a great tool. However, clear rules must be set for its use, otherwise it is useless and can destroy anyone. Rules can not be changed during the game. And that’s what’s happening now.What is the ultimate value if it is to be guilty of guilty determination? “

This year, UCI has been ready to start at Tour de France and Vuelta. He could not return to the peloton until the end of September, when he started in four one-time races.

He’s 28 years old.

“My career is over soon. A stretching case can ruin my career. I do not ask compassion or forgiveness.

I have always honored the principles of fair play and, as a double participant in the Olympic Games, also the principles of the Olympic Charter. Today I found myself in absurd theater, tomorrow it can happen to any other athlete. I want a fair trial, I want clear rules, I want a fair deal.Hold my thumbs, “asks everyone to read his letter.

The verdict of the Lausanne Court of Arbitration should, according to current indications, be bet365 mobil bónusz delivered at the end of February or the first half of March.