Murray about Lendl: Ivan? He hugged me twice in his life, his strength is elsewhere

The only player divides Andy Murray from reaching his life goal. In order for the Scottish tennis player to become world leader, he has to break the sovereign ruler of world tennis Novak Djokovic. To accomplish a great dream he will help him with a renewed collaboration with Ivan Lendl, who has achieved his greatest life achievements. He agreed twice with the Czech legend in his post for

Twice he won grandslam, broke a 77-year-old Wimbledon curse during which British fans waited for a home winner, once dominated the Olympic Games…For all these successes was the collaboration with Ivan Lendl.During this time, the British tennis player was closest to the position of world leader Novak Djokovic. With the loss of Roland Garros final, which marks the eighth grandslam defeat at the last four-game match, Andy Murray again On cooperation with Ivan Lendl.

“Ivan has helped a huge amount of his career, and it’s true that the emotions do not make sense, and we have embraced two times during our two-year collaboration, for the first time that I lost the Wimbledon final to Federer in 2012, Victory at the US Open After my triumph in Wimbledon a year later I do not remember such a gesture.His merits are elsewhere, “says Murray.

” No big gesture took place on Tuesday at the Queen’s Club when we first saw the US Open last year.

, “Continues the World Two.

” But it is true that I and I have been talking to Ivan a couple of times after I left, knowing I was in touch with some other players, wondering if he would return Or not, “adds Glasgow.

” We know Ivan very well and it’s great to have him on his side again.”And if we do not agree, it’s not a problem. Andy Murray on the other hand.” His old coach appreciates in addition to his professional qualities and his character characteristics. “Ivan is standing firmly behind his opinions. It is great, though, that when I have a different view of a thing that does not correspond with it, she does not have a problem with it. He will not be afraid, he will hear me. This is not a normal thing. Many people can not afford this, they get angry and react irritably. “

” Moreover, he has the same sense of humor. We laugh at the same things, Ivan has a lot of interesting stories from his rich career. Especially from the matches with McEnro and Connors, when the rivalry was enormous.In different ways, it was more interesting, but how can I judge from the narrative, the relationship between friends is more friendly today and it is not so steep, “continues the Olympic champion. The Grandslam’s double grand prix also expressed bet sports Lendel’s cooperation with his principal Coach Jamie Delgado. “It’s great they’ll both spend the next few days together. It is important to get to know each other. But that will not be a problem. Both are team players and I believe they will sit. For my success, I need everything to work. “

Jamie Delgado is well known for being

We spent a lot of time together and can help Ivan a lot. And conversely.Both of them will talk a lot, we need to concentrate on work, especially this weekend on the grass will be extremely important, “continues the twenty-year-old tennis player.

The ruling daviscup winner, with his ambitious plans in the next few months, “I’m still just a world two, and that’s not enough. I do not play bad tennis, I have success, but my goal is different. I want to be the world leader. There are still many things I can do to improve myself. To be the best player on the planet and win more grandslamas, I have to work on a number of things. And I believe Ivan and other members of my team can help me. “

” My team is now very powerful.In recent months, I have been able to improve many things, my game has a higher standard, yet there are still reserves. We will work on them in the coming weeks, and the best start would be winning the Queen’s Club, that would be an ideal start, “concludes Andy Murray.

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