Not only representation, but also the NHL. Neuvirth Flyers will be the leader?

Michal Neuvirth – fighter. So you can inspect the near future osmadvacetiletého Czech goalkeeper. The representation is washed with Petr Mrazek on its leading position in the World Cup after a magnificent event will be on the line of battle with another buddy, Steve Mason in Philadelphia. Both ends contract after the season and the club will be decided with whom continued their future together.

Michal Neuvirth came to the Flyers before the last edition and the impression after the first two years together, leaving a solid. The season started two pure wallets in three games and entered received him with two goals in three playoff battles against offensive hurricane from Washington.1.6 million dollars a year is a total class.

During the year jumped to 32 matches, his partner Mason mastered them by 22 or more, but his salary was more than doubled. Another 82 matches of the part a lot of turns, should decide which of the men continued to link their future with the club.

“Maybe we will sign both, now nothing can be foreseen,” he told the Courier Post general manager and himself a former goalkeeper Ron Hextall. “Both are very good goalkeepers and in the last year prove it.In addition, in his prime, “he reminded.

Hextall book is definitely sure that their masked men a chance to show off skills during tight matches. There is no reason to deal with something in advance, is not a reason to act prematurely. For the general manager goes actually the ideal situation, both goalies are washed his favor and win the powerful. the direct duel should athletes compel squeeze my best.

“We’ll both really get to catch and see how the situation develops . That does not mean that already during the season can not lean towards any of the views, “said Hextall.

The more experienced of the pair tested the Canadian goalie.The NHL odchytal 405 matches (Neuvirth only 200), the Rookie of the Year 2009 and Philadelphia had done number one also in Columbus.

“I was at the club for four years and it was fun. It’s up to me whether I can not stay here, “Mason actually sees his chance.

Neuvirth slowly starts now. On Saturday against Russia he scored his first start for the senior national team and he did excellently, further test already visible to the eyes overseas, now comes to the choice of North America in 23 years.