Playing and living in Nitra is a privilege, Michal Novák says the defense

NITRA. Martin’s hockey players wanted to prove more. The only victory over Nitra is only a very weak retreat after dropping out of the quarter-final play-off.

The leaders did not come from Turks. Players knew what they needed to be careful about. Nitra has already scored 28 goals in its base. And it was his huge assaulting force – to a total score of 28: 8.

At least four of Martincano’s performance out of five were marked by big defensive defects.

“We can not explain it, it worked for us all this season, and it came as a break, and if we knew what made the mistakes, we would not do it,” Markovic said.Out of the last match between Nitra and Martin.

The player’s most productive player position was also expected to have more in the base. In the play-off came a point-blank.

“We did not get away when we had, whether I or the other leaders, but it is hockey, sometimes we are running, sometimes not, I can take it on myself, I should help the team more, “He added.

The whole season was not just for the players in Turkey to fight against the better. Often, most of them have struggled with illnesses and injuries that have been the cause of recurring fluctuations, unbalanced results, and gambling.

“It’s been dragging me all the season, and it’s come to me during the play-off, but that’s just a soulless excuses that can not stand.It is happening and this has evolved. We did not have to influence it, “Markovič said, starting from the dream empire

Martin also had bright moments at the base, at one point at the start of the competition even led an extralig table, but at the end of September and October, twelve games Series without victory.

“We had a great start to the season, like the Empire of Dreams. However, injuries began to deteriorate. And when we did not play all the games, we would not be seventh and did not play against Nitra, who has a final in the final table, “Markovich thought.

It’s a pity, we had a lot of strength. I’m sorry we did not enjoy our fans anymore. “

In the home dressing after the 5th day of the 5th duel, it was a great joy.Nitra was bent only once before the opponent, and thanks to the extraordinarily productive offensive, she enjoyed the deserved process. Breaking the Fourth Duel

“I do not think they are a weak rival, but they have good moments, but if Nitra gives 100% performance, the opponent is very difficult to play,” said defender Michal Novák.

“We played more offensive in the league, the attackers did not help too much, but we can not underestimate the playoff but we did not let go of anything, we did not allow it, . ”

The defeat of the whole series was, according to Nitra, the fourth duel. In his team, Martin gave one of four debacles to Martin – he won 7: 0.

“We gave two quick goals, they started to stress in the defense, nervous and even broke it.Already in the first game was 1: 1 and helped them with two players. If it did not come, we would be able to cope with this fight too, “said Novák. As a turning point, Michal Novák called the fourth duel.

Despite the clear progress, Nitra had to make a lot of effort in the semifinals. > “This seemed to be convincing, but the strength was dwindling. Even our opponent suffered lesser virosis, so we regenerate, cure and prepare for another rival, “he added.

The experienced defender was introduced for the first time in Nitra in the 2009/2010 season. In Košice, but subsequently he returned to Zobor again thanks to the atmosphere.

“We all know that 3000 people are writing, but there is so much more. The atmosphere is unreal.I can not imagine that some player would be playing badly. Playing and living in Nitra is a privilege, “said Michal Novak.