Sharapova defeated Cornet and play with Cibulková

MELBOURNE. Compared to previous tropical day on Saturday strongly cooled to about twenty degrees to 23

The Russian tennis player Maria Šarapovová in the third round, while scare her fans so much as of Thursday in the second round against Talianke Karin Knapp (10 8 in the third set after three and a half hour battle), but did not avoid deflections.

Dvadsaťtriročnú Alize Cornet overcome for 111 minutes 6: 1, 7: 6 (6). In the second set she led 5: 3 and had a match point on income, but could not, then just twice nedopodávala to advance and tajbrejku had to cope with setbalom of income. Over Cibulková results in 3: 2

Sharapova double faults did not stop 8 respectively. 35 unforced errors.On the “Winner” he excelled 35:11. 6 turned by 14 brejkbalov and resolved 12 of 13 treatments of the net.

“Of course, anyone who undergoes such a long match in difficult climatic conditions will experience physical and emotional fatigue, but it must be to find a way to get out of it. That I managed. In the endgame, however today was difficult. I Nenachádzala rhythm, “said Sharapova.

Sharapova in the round of last measured forces with Dominika Cibulkova, above which leads 3: 2nd It will premiere on mutual duel on a hard surface.

The local champion of the 2008 season Sharapova was last year at AO in the semifinals, succumbed Chinese woman Li.Wozniacki eliminated discovery of the season

The discovery of the season Garbine Muguruzová-Blanco is eight. On Saturday in the third round ubúšila unit onetime world ranking Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark at winning strikes 33:17 and for 134 minutes triumphed 4: 6, 7: 5, 6: 3rd

heroine preparatory events Tasman Hobart did not stop 56 unforced errors. Converted 7 of 10 brejkbalov, aug only 5 of 16

I was ready for a big fight.The key was to maintain the mental resilience, especially in the third set, both because we have done very well, “said Muguruzová-Blanco.

” I do not think I have anything in particular acted badly. Aug demonstrated great tennis and I also lacked a bit of luck, “said Wozniacki.

Women’s Singles – 3rd