Slovan kicks off the fifth season at KHL. Several resounding names came to the cadre

BRATISLAVA. Not even in the fifth season of the Continental Hockey League (KHL), which is on Tuesday in the ice of Akbar Bazaar from 18.00 CET, Slovan Bratislava does not have a different ambition than in the past.

“We want to play well so that Fans have been paid to attend our meetings. I think that if we go slowly from the match to a fight, we will collect some points and move to the play-off, so it will be the first success. But in the derelict section it will only begin.It will be a long way so we have to prepare for it, “said Andrej Meszároš, the new captain of the team, whose assistants are Czech Radek Smoleňák and Ivan Švarný. / P>

“We do not do much training, we can fine-tune powerups, tactical games, and stuff like this. I want to resist all four offensive formations and defenders. I do not think he cares who scores the goal.The first formation will be there to make decisions in important passages of the match, “said an experienced Czech coach and the question of what the Slovan would enter the season, he commented:” With humility, fighter, discipline and good team. “The fan should be 36 Year-old Canadian striker Jonathan Cheechoo, the best NHL cannon player in the 2005/2006 season.

“I’ve learned newcomers better in training. The atmosphere in the team is great, we have a good mix of experienced veterans and young players. Under the guidance of Coach, I play well, it is difficult, but it is preparing for a difficult season, so we understand and look forward to it. We want to get into play-off, then anything can happen.We have good goalkeepers and many players who can shoot goals. We will be dangerous by trying to get into the decommissioning part and then we will see, “said one of the leaders of Dinama Minsk in the KHL in the past two seasons.

Kyle Chipchura, Justin Pogge, Nick Plastino, American Jeff Taffe and Czech strikers Radek Smoleňák and Jakub Valský.Na Slovan is waiting for 60 matches in the KHL 2016/2017 in the base part of the KHL 2016/2017, playing in the Bobrov Division at the Western Conference, the new club of HC Červená hviezda Kun-lun, headquarters in Beijing, will be featured on Jan. 5, 2017 in the Slovnaft arena of Ondrej Nepel, Slovakian Primary School. The Slavs premiered in KHL in the 2012/2013 season.Slovan Bratislava for the KHL season 2016/2017: