The Karlovy Vary hockey team is testing the captain of the selection selections

After a rebellious retreat to the Karlovy Vary attack, Tomáš Mick is a young defender of the first league Jihlava, who is to increase the pressure on the base player.

Although he is only twenty years old, he is no longer in experience.He has played for the last season in the Canadian junior competition QMJHL, he has previously gone through all the youth teams, and he was even the captain of the Czech selection at world championships of the eighties and twenties.

“We hope to increase competition among the defenders,” awaits the new acquisition of Miroslav Vaněk, the general manager of the Karlovy Vary club.

The young man played his last game on Monday against Jihlava against Chomutov and on Tuesday he was reported to Karlovy Vary coach Karl Mlejnek for training. “On Friday, he is likely to jump into a match in Litvínov,” Vaněk thinks.

So obviously on Friday, he will have a backup plan for this season.After returning from overseas, where he played for three seasons in the Canadian junior QMJHL Victoriaville Tigres, he had first heard: “I have some offers from Finland and Sweden, so if I had a lot of interest, I would go there.” Years in Jihlava where he grew up and his family lives here too.

“I’m definitely not going to play this season for Dukla,” he planned. But the offer of the first-league Dukla had to finally be accepted.In the contract, however, he made a clause that if the offer comes from the highest Czech competition or from abroad, the club will release it.

“It may happen that I’m going away for a month, but it’s also possible to play it all year,” he knew before the start of the Shidlik season.

In addition to looking for a new engagement, In Jihlava also other worries.The first five games in the first league played here without the slightest sign of trouble, but after a derby with Třebíč suddenly he stopped in the Dukla Jihlava formation and appeared again on ice for the match until the end of October.

“I’ve had problems with the groin, but fortunately it’s okay,” he said relieved, and again began to nurture the hopes of an extralig club. “I would definitely try to try and certainly not choose,” he said, smiling at the question as to which of the extralig clubs he is dreaming of. It might be Karlovy Vary, where he went to the test for fourteen days.During a break, the club decides whether to stay in the spa metropolis or try it elsewhere.

In the north of Europe, of course, it will not be. “It was a long wait, and then I did not really believe it. It’s important for me to play. When I’m going to show the quality, I think I’ll get the chance, “said Shidlik.