Voyager is pleased, enthusiastic and defensive

MUNICH. The Slovak hockey coach Vladimir Vujtek was satisfied with his entry into the German Cup.

He was most pleased with the performance of the newcomers, and also the fact that he was not worried about the weaker defensive, which was the richest piece of the team.

The Slovaks have played a good and fought match. They managed to turn their chances, on the contrary, the opponent in the net was too weak and in the final third to Branislav Konrád, who kept his teammates a few times. Satisfaction

“I’m happy with the result, but with our game, even though it was unbalanced and not all players were shining, but everyone was fighting and it was the result.We thought there was going to be the biggest problem, the players were not internationally, but they did a great job, “said the SR coach.

” Even the counterattacks that we had, we did very well. Canada was a better time a minute. We had moments when we closed them in third place, we showed good combinations and we gave nice goals, “added.

On Friday, up to six debutants, four of them in the defense, stood on ice. However, the lack of experience from international matches has compensated for the ice and the fight.

“I think everyone has been trying to fulfill our expectations. Over the last two months, I’ve been through the stadiums, and every week I’ve seen three matches.We found Race, we found some other players and I think they played very well today, “Vuitek said. Against Germans Čialak

The Slovak officials, after winning 4: 1, were well on Saturday for a meeting against German hockey players. The waitress is waiting for the same fight as against Canada, but on the domestic side it is less technical.

“But it is definitely more pronounced. From the beginning it will be a balanced fight. Ciliak stands in the goal, nothing changes. We are in the state of testing the players and Marek must be seen in a difficult match. Dalibor Bortňák and Michael Vandas will also play, but I can not say yet, instead of who, “added the coach.