We play Giru on a long, long game, says team leader Porte and König

At the Tour de France 2012, an almost infallible Sky-named machine defended Bradley Wiggins with a yellow jersey for 14 days. And a year later with Chris Froom.

“However, we approach this year’s Giru with a different strategy. We are waiting for the right moment to take the pink jersey, “said Dave Brailsford. The Tinkoff-Saxo team, whose colors are also raced by Roman Kreuziger, checked the race almost for the first week. “But maybe on Saturday they paid a little for what they had done before.Alberto would have liked to have more men at the end and not stayed away, “said Richie Porte after Alberto Contador stayed alone on Saturday for the last three miles of Campitello Matese from the team alone.

Astana was trying hard to dictate the endings of both mountain ranges, but also the waved 4th stage to La Spezia. “On Saturday there were three people in the front group, they could have the upper hand, but they sent Lanka forward. I was not sure what that meant, “Porte said.

On the other hand, in the strategy set by his own team, the Australian has unwavering confidence.Certainly, the Sky riders did not see much in the first week, but at the same time they conserved their strengths.

“The key to the Grand Tour title is to have energy in the team when you need it and when it really matters,” Brailsford reminded. “With this consciousness we race at Giru. Astana and Tinkoff are now going full throttle, which suits us. We play our long game. “

Leopold König in action (second right)

On Saturday, Porto got help at Campitello Matese when he needed it. “He could rely on the massive support of König and Nieve,” he said, for example, cyclingnews.com and similar media.Leopold König, who has no doubt that he has recovered from above, has made his mark on the top of a group of favorites.

“I’m excited about how it all went to us today,” Porte said. “It was great to see what König and Nieve did for me. I myself feel good too. People have asked us why we can not see that much. But we did not have to ride in the front because it did not make sense. “

(Landu) we sent ahead and Dario (Cataldo) still managed to start my spurt, “said Fabio Aru, the leader of the Kazakh stables.

Contador did not lose anything, but gained two seconds in a bonus spurt in the sun in the first half of the stage. For some commentators and riders, they have questioned how serious the Spaniard is actually injuring his shoulder.

Alberto Contador with his wounded arm resists attacks

“I do not think Alberto has such problems He went upstairs so fast, “Porte said. “I have respect for him, he is a great fighter.But Contador did not even believe he told us how much pain he felt. “

Contador even got a question at the press conference as to whether he wounded himself” and how much he would evaluate his current condition. > “Percentage? That’s complicated, “he said. “It’s not just the race itself, it’s about night and sleep. At night, my shoulder is immobile. “

The Tinkoff team doctor said that after the 6th stage, he had doubled his left shoulder twice in the fall and again before the ceremony.However, the official physician Gira, who was then investigated by the Spaniard, did not use the word “dislocated”, but the expression “instability in the left shoulder joint.”

Sunday: Calm or another war?

On Sunday there is a stage that the organizers called four of the five possible stars. Although without a mountain range, but with climbs to Monte Terminio, Colle Molella and Passo Serra.Again, one stage is always up and down.

It may be a relatively quiet day after a big Saturday effort.

“Sometimes, however, these stages will cause more variation than those with the mountain finisher, “Says Dario Cioni, Sports Director of Sky.” A true war can happen when Astana is going to chase Contador again, “says Porte. “I’m happy to be able to keep track of all of this and benefit from it.”