Žilina with another goal hurricane, Slovan shielded forces, Trnava pegged with points

BRATISLAVA – The soccer players of Bratislava ŠK Slovan lost to Spartatak Myjava on the Sunday match of the 2nd round of the Fortuna leagues 2016/2016 with Spartak Myjava 0: 1.

“Belasy” did not come out for the quarterly meeting 3.the UEFA European League Prelude, in which they will play at the Russian FK Krasnodar.

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  • in view of the fight in Krasnodar to save more support, in the basic set compared to the quarter-duel in Dubline missing Vittek, Zreľák, Saláta, Sekulič and injured Dobrotka.From the beginning he played a brisk football pitch at Pasienky. The score could have opened Milinkovic, but his attempt from the standard situation at the last minute was set by goal Solnička. In the 6th minute, the Slavs demanded a penalty kick when the penetrating Mészárosa crashed to the ground Banovič, but the referee’s whistle had not stayed. Guests were threatened from the start by long bumps. After one of them he got to the chance of Sládek, but Slovan then held Mucha, who pushed his attempt out of the gates. In 22 minutes, Mészáros jumped 25 meters, but his shot went just outside. After the subsequent play Solnikka came to the ball Pekár, won the active Sládek and he again dangerously fired at Mucha.After half an hour of play, however, Pekař and Sládek’s cooperation was working when the second named in the scrum before the unsuspecting sliders of Slovan pushed the ball into the net – 0: 1. In the end, the brewer could add his second goal. In the last moment, the ball kicked out of the well-placed Gorosito line.

    an embarrassing performance, what coach Tittel reacted to by pulling both defensive shields. He was replaced by 18-year-old Argentinean Gonzalez, who was debut in Boca Juniors after a jersey. Lásika was replaced by Vittek, but the arrival of the author of the Dublin Heřkar home-made offensive did not bother. The only chance was the Gorosita header at 65.min after the corner kick that went right next door. Spartak focused on his attentive defensive and rapid counterattacks. After one he could again score Sládek, who was at the end of the action three against one, but another spectacular intervention was presented by Mucha. Any hope of Slovan for a settlement or a point gained 82 minutes after Kubík, who after the second yellow and subsequent red card played from the field. Myjava will be able to play the brightest lead after all, and she left Pasienkov with a surprising victory.

    The Moraviec guests arrived in the 2nd min. at the first goal of the Žilinci about goalkeepers and captain Pavel Kováč, who injured his left wrist in the defense and replaced Ranilovič among the three wrists.He collected from the first more serious shot at the gate which he sent from the border of the 16th Kacer and on his attempt to the right jar by a Slovenian legionnaire in the 9th min. reach. The home team added in the attack and another exact hit came in the 16th minute when after the attack Samateha got the ball into the empty gate Paur. Domestic efforts then ceased for a few minutes and sometimes guests came to the word, but their hints of chances failed to reach the successful final. The Žilinčany controlled the game and Mihalík was especially close to the goal but in the 39th min. only the side net.A few minutes later, he did not attack the other side, nor did he get the ball twice in Cebar’s net, which did not even hit the lead time of the first act.

    In the second half, the Žilinans had control over the first quarter, into one lagged chance. Catherine after the hour of the game found a nice pass of Čmelík, but his shot stopped by Ranilovič. ViOn sensed a chance and in the 61st minute. after a slow move down the middle, Krznarič did some good attack. Školnik was able to cope for four minutes, but his cross shot went just next to the right bar. The guests sent fresh players to the attack and tried to straighten their home strangers even further. In 69. min. but Spalek was released on the right side, he was back to 16th Škvark and he routinely increased again to the difference of two goals.However, the game did not produce many good moments, there were many mistakes and inaccuracies. In the 77th min. the home coach Adrián Guľa sent to the lawn of the canner Jeliča and the Croatian legionary after solving half of the course and the pursuit of Ranilovič after less than two minutes opened the shooting account in the new league year. The players of Žilinčany were able to control the game in the end and after the kick-off from the center kicker, the final goal was 5: 1 with the second goal in the match Paur.

    > played good football from the beginning, fan clubs were pushing forward. Dunajská Strela had a big chance when the Strapák set off in 10 minutes after Szark’s shot.Both teams showed a hard fight between the sixs, but the spectators had to wait for the goal. Trnava’s first game was serious in 30 minutes when Halilovič sent a 30-meter shot, but Tujvel was in place. Dunajska Streda was threatened mostly by standard situations, but Spartaka’s defense was firm on its feet. 39 minutes into the game Straka’s left, Straka’s left hand, reached the goal of the Strapák. At 42 minutes the first goal came, Vojtuš escaped to the right and Mikovič scored his pass to the penalty area – 0: 1.

    At the beginning of the second half he threw Vojtuš with a dangerous shot but the ball flies above. After a 61-minute mark, Jurčo was able to score the first goal, but after Pačindu’s pass, he shot the goal.Dunajska Streda pushed forward, but the goal did not come. In the 75th minute Straka threatened Straka, but Strapák was able to eliminate it. He missed the ball for a minute but on the right side of Baez, but the ball sent Sabo only to the tribune. A minute later Halilovich escaped to Kwin, wandering himself to the gate, but Michalik threw him in the way. After 81 minutes, the away team failed to deal with a good exchange of passes on the right, and Erik Pačinda gave the equalizer a 1 – 1 lead. In 84th was excluded Miloš Nikolič, for withdrawing Szark in the penalty area and the penalty Pačinda converted. In the 90th minute he still tried the shot Sabo, but failed.

    Goal: 36. Sládek, ŽK: 27. F. Kubík, 77. Milinkovič (both Slovan), ČK: 82. F. Kubík after 2nd JK), decided by: Grandson – Brendza, Kováč

    Goals: 81. and 85. (from the kick) Pačinda – 41.Mikovič, ŽK: 31. G. Straka, 52. Ljubicic, 86. Pačinda – 33. Čonka, 43. Vojtuš, 62. Greššák, 83. Strapák, ČK: 84. Miloš Nikolič (Trnava) for the foul in the penalty area, : Smolák – Hancko, Attention, 5218 viewers Goals: 16. and 89. Paur, 9. Káčer, 69. Skvarka, 79. Jelič – 62. Krznarič, ŽK: 63. Škvarka (Žilina) “We have been alerting the players that we are facing a challenging match because of the fact that we are dragging a longer series We did not have a chance to play in Krasnodar on Thursday, we had to think about it too, I think it was an interesting match, especially for the spectators, with a lot of chances.Both players caught very well, Jan Mucha kept us in the game for a long time. Of course, losing us sorry. I will not comment on the referee, I will say only that he was very weak and influenced the match, when he did not exclude the host of the fouls from Meszaros. “

    Adrián Guľa, MŠK coach Žilina: “The clear result, five nice goals and if we were playing in full concentration, our performance was of high quality, we lost concentration in certain segments because the chalans are not easy to switch from the cup progressive emotions, especially when we quickly lead 2: 0, but the boys did it, and it is an important entry for us in the new league season. “